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Tuesday 29th November

10:00am – 12:45am : OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY (by invitation only) - Jasmin hall

-Speech by the President of the Republic of Tunisia

Economic recovery is imperative to the reinforcement of the democratic process

-Speeches by  international personalities

Heads of states, governments, delegations
(United Nations, Germany, Canada, France, Qatar, Algeria …)

-Speech of Mr Fadhel Abdelkefi

Minister of Development, Investment and International cooperation, Tunisia

-Speeches of international financial partners

12:45am – 14:30pm: Lunch
14:30pm – 16:00pm: PLENARY SESSION 1 - Jasmin hall

Tunisia, a services hub open to international markets

Tunisia benefits from a geographic location, infrastructure and human resources that have enabled it to become a co-production destination of choice. How should the country now capitalise on these assets to build a diversified economy that creates value and employment and become a services hub at the gateway to a market of over 800 million consumers?

Key points

  • Strategic location at the gateway to Africa and Europe
  • Regional positioning, promising markets and development strategy
  • Digital economy, education and tourism: how to stay cutting edge and boost value creation?

Moderator : Zyad Limam, President, AM International

Speakers :

  • Fadhel Abdelkefi, Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, Tunisia
  • Sahar Nasr, Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation
  • Isabelle Bébéar, Head of International Affairs, BPIFrance
  • Tarek Chérif, President, Alliance Group
  • Mohamed El Kettani, Chief Executive Officer, Attijariwafa Bank
  • Mouayed Makhlouf, Regional director for MENA, International Finance Corporation
16:00pm – 16:30pm: Coffee break
16:30pm – 18:30pm: THREE THEMATIC SESSIONS
16:30pm – 18:30pm: DIGITAL ECONOMY - Jasmin hall

Digital Economy – Making Tunisia a regional hub 

Growing by 11% per year and representing 7% of GDP, Tunisian ICT and expertise are remarkably competitive internationally, particularly in outsourcing and software development. Conference delegates tell their stories and evaluate the prospects for deploying their activities in Tunisia and abroad.  

Key points

  • Foreign investment: feedback and growth strategy
  • Tunisian companies: invest in Tunisia and succeed internationally 
  • Investment opportunities (R&D, design engineering, e-Health, infrastructure, etc)  

Moderator: Emna Kharouf, Partner, Deloitte, Tunisia


  • Anouar Maarouf, Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, Tunisia
  • Waleed Al Sayed, Deputy CEO, Ooredoo 
  • Sami Ben Romdhane, Vice President, Technical fellow, eBay Inc.
  • Christophe Dumoulin, Chief Executive Officer, Business&Decision, France
  • Khalid Elgibali, Division President, Middle East and North Africa, Mastercard, Dubaï
  • Christian Jannot, Managing Director, Sagemcom Software &Technologies, Tunisie
  • Raouf Mhenni, Head of International Operations, Sopra HR Software
  • Badreddine Ouali, Managing Director, Vermeg
  • Keis Sellami, Chief Executive Officer, Discovery Datasoft 
  • Alexandre Zapolsky, Founder, Linagora

Success Story : Pradeep Kumar, Senior Vice President, Global Support Delivery, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

16:30pm – 18:30pm: TOURISM - Ambre hall

Tourism: Tunisia, a new destination

Quality upgrading, security, showcasing new products, and product/market segmentation: how to mobilise all stakeholders to boost this sector so vital to economic activity and build an integrated strategy for promoting and exploiting the opportunities?

Key points

  • Improving value-added (golf courses, seawater spas) and diversifying the offer (incentives, green and cultural tourism, etc.)
  • Which integrated strategy for which markets and growth objectives?
  •  Investment opportunities, investor incentives

Moderator : Ms Safia Hachicha, Managing Director, Abakus Advisors

Speakers :

  • Selma Elloumi Rekik, Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Tunisia
  • Karim Cheltout, Vice President for development, Marriott International
  • Tewfik El Kady, Managing Director Middle-East and Egypt, Steigenberger 
  • Khaled FakhfakhManaging Director, IEG Investment Banking 
  • Alan O’Dea, Senior Vice President for Africa, Mövenpick  Hotels & Resorts
  • Carlos Vogeler, Executive Director, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
  • Mohsen Zerelli, Managing Director, Tunisia Hotels Properties (THP), Four Seasons Tunis

Success Story : Adel Alaya, Managing Director, Majda Group

16:30pm – 18:30pm: EDUCATION - Fell hall

Education, the knowledge economy

Tunisian higher education enjoys partnerships with some of the world’s top universities and schools (France, Germany, USA, etc.), endorsing its international standards. Europe, Africa, internationally mobile students and new partnerships: how to conquer new markets whilst maintaining top quality training to serve local businesses?  

Key points

  • Quality and internationalisation of Tunisia’s public and private higher education
  • Africa, Europe: new markets and growth prospects
  • Financial and fiscal framework, investor incentives

Moderator : Ms Amina Bouzguenda-Zeghal, Dean, Paris-Dauphine Tunis

Speakers :

  • Slim Khalbous, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Tunisia
  • Elyes Ben Rayana, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, BIAT
  • Philippe Castagnac, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mazars Group
  • Safwan M.Masri, Executive Vice President, Global Centers and Global Development, Columbia University, USA
  • Hedi Ben Mlouka, Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Investment Management Partners (Duet Group), Dubai
  • Hichem Omezzine, Global Education Sector Co-Lead, Actis, UK

Success Story : Naceur Ammar, President, Esprit, Tunisia

19:30pm – 22:30pm: Reception (invitation only)

Wednesday 30th November

09:30am – 11:00am : PLENARY SESSION 2 - Jasmin hall

An industrial and logistic hub at the gateway to Europe and Africa

Electrical, mechanical, textile and pharmaceutical industries: in numerous fields, Tunisia’s industrial fabric possesses technical and human skills that enable it to improve the quality and grow the value-added of its production.

Key points

  • Industrial sector contribution to GDP, strengths and weaknesses (size, segmentation, etc.)
  • Improvement targets: industrial zones, logistics and technology hubs
  • Investment opportunities and incentives.

Moderator :Slim Feriani, Chairman, Gulf Central Agency (GCA) Asset Management

Speakers :

  • Zied Ladhari, Minister of Industry and Trade, Tunisia
  • Gilles Bonnenfant, President, Eurogroup Consulting, France
  • Philippe Delleur, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Alstom, France
  • Hichem Elloumi, Vice President, UTICA, President, Coficab, Tunisia
  • Fabio Mandirola, Chief Executive Officer, Vectorys Group, Italy
  • Gianni Zanella, President, Olimpias, (Benetton Group)
11:00am – 11:30am: Coffee break
11:30am – 13:00am: THREE THEMATIC SESSIONS
11:30am – 13:00am: AUTOMOTIVE AND AERONAUTICS INDUSTRIES - Jasmin hall

Automotive and aeronautics industries: Tunisia, a competitiveness cluster

The automotive and aeronautics industries play a strategic role in the modernisation of Tunisia’s industrial sector. How to intensify their vitality, which obstacles must be overcome and which markets to conquer to better integrate them into global value chains?

Key points

  • Profitable sectors, strategic approaches and promoting innovation
  • Conditions for improving competitiveness in the automotive and aeronautics industries
  • Financial and fiscal framework, investor incentives

ModeratorJean-Philippe Duval, Partner, PwC


  • Khalil Laabidi, Managing Director, Fipa
  • Victor Baruzzini, Supplier Base Manager, The Boeing Company
  • Ouassim Berraies, Managing Director, Aerolia Tunisia
  • Nabhène Bouchaala, President, Tunisian Automotive Association
  • Georges Bui, Purchasing Director, PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Jorge Santos, Head of Operations Southern Europe and North Africa, Delphi
  • Jean-Luc Tété, Vice President, Comfort & Trim, Faurecia

Success Story : Lamia Fourati, Chief Strategy Officer, One-Tech Group, Tunisia

11:30am – 13:00am: TEXTILE INDUSTRY - Fell hall

Textile industry, which recovery strategy?

What combination of conditions is required for the Tunisian textile industry to attract new customers and investors? Quality upgrades, product segmentation, short-cycle production, etc. Which commercial strategy to compete for the traditional European market?

Key points

  • Priority markets and specialities, improvement targets
  • Which integrated strategy, growth objectives and investment opportunities?
  • Financial and fiscal framework, investor incentives

Moderator : Sami Zaoui, Partner, Advisory for Tunisia and Algeria, EY

Speakers :

  • Abel Benzakour, International textile market expert
  • Alan Dunn, Partner, Stewart & Stewart, USA
  • Nafaa Ennaifer, Managing Director, TFCE Group, Tunisia
  • Jean-François Limantour, Textile industry expert, Managing Director, Texaas Consulting, France

Success Story Ghazi El Biche, Managing Director, Van Laack, Tunisia

11:30am – 13:00am: HEALTH AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY - Ambre hall

Health and pharmaceutical industry, regional opportunities

With its technical platform and European level expertise, as well as a rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry, Tunisia has passed the self-sufficiency threshold in numerous health-related fields. What strategy should be employed to make the country a major health services export hub and which countries are priority targets ?  

Key points

  • Accessible markets by segment ( most sought-after specialities, by which clients ? ) 
  • Which integrated strategy, growth objectives and investment opportunities ?
  • Financial and fiscal framework, investor incentives

Moderator : Ms Neila Benzina, Chairwoman, Business & Decision, Tunisia

Speakers :

  • Samira Merai Friâa, Minister of Health, Tunisia
  • Khelil Ammar, Chief Executive Officer,Amen Santé
  • Ridha Charfeddine, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Unimed, Tunisia
  • Sara Masmoudi, Managing Director, Teriak, Tunisia
  • Pierre Vincent, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Denos Health Management, France

Interview: Terri Bresenham, President & CEO, GE Healthcare

13:00am – 14:30pm: Lunch
14:30pm – 16:00pm: PLENARY SESSION 3 - Jasmin hall

The Green Economy: for an integrated development model

International climate change agreements accentuate the pressure on Tunisian natural resources and productivity, especially in agriculture and industry. As an innovative Industrial Strategy, the Green Economy has great potential for sustainable job creation and improving competitiveness.

Key points

  • Post COP22: national commitment to safeguarding the environment.
  • Water management, energy mix: the new challenges
  • Potential for job creation, promotion of innovation and competitiveness

Moderator : Mohamed Malouche, Chairman of the board, Tunisian American Young Professionals

Speakers :

  • Riadh Mouakhar, Minister of Local Affairs and Environment, Tunisia
  • Maria Åsenius, Head of Cabinet to Trade Commissioner for the European Union Ms Cecilia Malmström
  • Boutheina Ben Yaghlane, General Manager, Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Tunisia
  • Luca Cosentino, Executive Vice President, Energy solutions, ENI, Italy
  • Carlo Pignoloni, Head of Europe and North Africa, ENEL Green Power, Italy
  • Assaad Razzouk, Group Chief Executive, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
16:00pm – 16:30pm: Coffee break
16:30pm – 18:00pm: THREE THEMATIC SESSIONS
16:30pm – 18:00pm: ELECTRICITY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY - Jasmin hall

Electricity and renewable energy: new prospects

Tunisia’s energy mix is set to evolve rapidly, particularly towards solar and wind power. Ultimately, the country can position itself as an essential link in major Mediterranean solar projects and in high voltage interconnections between Europe and the Maghreb.

Key points

  • Regulatory environment (independent production, public/multilateral financing), establishment of a framework that encourages private investment in renewable energy
  • Solar and wind potential, national and international projects (Medgrid, Desertec, etc.)

Moderator: Ms Sophie Pignon, Partner, Bird&Bird, UK 


  • Héla Cheikhrouhou, Minister of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy, Tunisia
  • Peter A. Gish, Partner, Co-Founder, UPC Renewables
  • Jean-François Marco, Senior Vice President for Africa, Meridiam, France
  • Julien Mauduit, Senior Banker, Power & Energy Utilities, EBRD
  • Yazid Safir, Director North Africa, Proparco
  • Roberto Vigotti, General Secretary, RES4MED

Success Story : Jérôme Sudres, Regional Manager for the South, Quadran Tunisia

16:30pm – 18:00pm: AGRICULTURE AND AGRIBUSINESS - Ambre hall

Agriculture and agribusiness, redefining strategic guidelines

Tunisia’s agribusiness industry relies on key products and well-identified areas of expertise. While the industry meets Western standards in several areas it can still go more upmarket to position itself with new specialities and in new markets.

Key points

  • Assessment of agriculture, key products and international markets, improvement targets
  • Which strategy to go upmarket and improve the value potential of exports?
  • How to step-up the export of Tunisian expertise into Africa?


Moderator : Ms Donia Ellouze, Advocate, Supreme Court of Tunisia

Speakers :

  • Omar Behi, Secretary of State for Agricultural Production, Tunisia
  • Michael Adolph, Head of Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Dr Oetker
  • Pierre Boniol, Managing Director, San Lucar Tunisia
  • Duarte Guedes, Head of MENA zone, Sovena Mena
  • Slim Othmani, Chief Executive Officer, NCA Rouiba

Success Story : Hatem Denguezli, Chief Executive Officer, Land’or Group

16:30pm – 18:00pm: WATER MANAGEMENT - Fell hall

Water management, the efficiency imperative

Increasing demand from key sectors like agriculture, tourism and chemical industries, as well as population growth and rapid urbanisation: Tunisia is fast-approaching the mobilisation of the totality of its water resources. Which policy and investment rebalance the distribution of its resources without negatively impacting economic development ?

Key points: 

  • Water and sanitation: rural and urban development
  • Financial and fiscal framework, investor incentives

Moderator : Slim Zeghal, Chief Executive Officer, Altea Packaging

Speakers :

  • Ameur Horchani, Hydrologist, Former Secretary of State for Water Resources and Fisheries, Tunisia
  • Belgacem Ben Sassi, Chief Water and Sanitation Engineer, AfDB
  • Jörg Dux, Head of Water Division, KfW 
  • Ali Ben Haj Hamida, Sales Executive, Engineered Systems, GE Water and Process Technologies, Dubaï
  • José Munoz, Managing Director Euro-Mediterranean region, Suez Environnement 
  • Habib Omrane, Chief Executive Officer, ONAS


19:00pm – 20:30pm: Closing session, press conference - Jasmin Hall

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